KCSE Campus


(Mr. Sospeter Misiko – Principal Senior School)


Welcome to Juja Senior School. JSS is an inspiring story of a determined and focused people who have grown from strength to strength over the 17 years of its existence. As a community we are greatly indebted to Dr. Richard Muigai and Mrs. Margaret Muigai who came up with the idea of starting this prestigious school and for the tireless efforts they put in to make sure the school not only became a reality but also upheld exemplary standards in all fields.

The school’s foundation is based on religious principles: aiming to bring up morally upright and, responsible young adults who are successful academicians. This foundation is a deep rooted culture that has not changed over the years. It is with great satisfaction that we release every year well- moulded and fully-baked individuals into the world.

Juja Senior School (JSS) is geared towards nurturing an all-rounded student hence offers a wide curriculum with a broad selection of elective subjects. This enables the students to make choices based on talents and interests.

The school has continued to realize steady improvement and exemplary performance in both national and international examinations. We are happy that every year we are able to qualify 95% of our candidates for university admission. The excellent performance is supported by the standard “success triangle’’ whose key pillars are students, teachers and parents.

The school has been blessed with a team of highly-qualified and committed teachers. The teachers offer support that goes beyond the assumed academic role rather it includes, mentorship and character modification. Furthermore, the support offered by the dedicated non-teaching staff has gone a long way in ensuring that the school’s fairytale success story never ends. We thank and salute these men and women who have given their time, knowledge and invaluable service.

A school cannot be a school without students and for that matter we acknowledge our past and present students who have and continue to excel in their respective fields. Besides academics, a student who passes through this school has the opportunity to be exposed to various co-curricular activities. The idea is to give the students an opportunity to exploit their talents through innovation and initiative. By starting, registering and running the clubs and societies themselves, the students learn and practice leadership skills and gain confidence that enables them to assume leadership roles both in and out of school.

Over the years, the school’s P.T.A (Parents Teachers Association) and the rest of the parents have been an important support group to the students and staff. This association has played a vital role in impacting positive behavioral change among our students.

I wish to state that JSS has done well over the years to achieve great reputation for high academic standards and discipline. We have lived up to the vision and mission statement of the school. May the Almighty God bless the entire fraternity of Juja Preparatory and Senior Schools.