We are proud to have very reliable Learning Resource Centers for each school managed by competent staff. The resource centers house over five thousand titles which are regularly maintained through a rigorous collection development process. The titles include all subjects as in line with both the Kenyan and the British system of education (IGCSE). In addition, we have a diverse collection of contemporary music books. We also have a vibrant collection of latest topical periodicals, reference and audio-visual resources.

Among the services offered include; User-education Programs, Current Awareness Services (CAS), and Selection Dissemination of Information (SDI) just to mention a few

To improve on our reading culture, we celebrate reading by organizing special activities like Library Day. This annual event aims at bringing together authors, publishers, theater groups and neighbouring schools in having fun through reading.

The school has an Integrated Library System to automate all library operations in the view of enhancing our diverse services.