Science and Mathematics


The department offers Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Mathematics. The teaching of the science subjects is through experiments and practicals from fully equipped and modern laboratories. Currently the department has nine teachers and one laboratory technician, who are committed to their work and are experienced in handling candidates/students. We are proud of the good results posted in examinations done in the recent past.

In addition, the department prepares students for Science and Engineering Fairs, competing up to national level and international levels; such as Eskom Expo Science and Engineering Fair for Young Scientists at Birchwood Conference Centre in Johannesburg (S.A) in October 2012.

Lastly, our students are exposed to industrial processes of Physical and Chemical nature by visiting industries and also going for Biological tours to get a grasp of the application of knowledge obtained in the classroom.

                                                                                                                                                                              (HOD Sciences – Mr. Rakamba)