(HOD Humanities – Mr. Charles Mudasia)

The Department comprises of Geography, History and Religious Studies with the addition of Literature in the IGCSE curriculum.

These subjects are offered in both 8-4-4 and the IGCSE systems. In the British system G.C.E. O Level, IGCSE and Edexcel Curricula are offered as options.

The core values of the department are to:

  • Ensure high academic standards.
  • Maintain team spirit
  • Promote competitiveness among students.
  • Encourage positive attitudes among all stake-holders.
  • Uphold academic integrity and professionalism.

We emphasize practical aspects of these subjects. It is therefore common practice to get students engaging in various field studies. This is because learners remember best what they do and see.

The field studies also equip students with essential research skills.

All teachers in the department are well qualified and have a lot of experience. They are able to create a stimulating learning environment. They set high targets which they always achieve.

This explains why the grades in these subjects have remained consistently high and why the subjects are very popular.

Geography Department is manned by seasoned teachers like Mr. Charles Mudasia and Mr. Collins Opondo. These are all Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) examiners and British Curriculum trained Secondary Tutors.

History is under another Senior KNEC examiner and British Curriculum, Trained Secondary Tutor, Mrs. Mary Lisangari, assisted by Mr. Charles Mkamba and Mr. Collins Opondo.

In Religious Studies we have veterans like Mr. Charles Mudasia, Mrs. Mary Lisangari and Mr. Mkamba.

The Literature in IGCSE is under the stewardship of dedicated teachers like Mrs. Anne Kariuki and Mrs. Elizabeth Ayelabola. All these teachers are also British Curriculum Trained Secondary Tutors.