Guidance and Counselling

(HOD Guidance and Counseling – Mrs Ayelabola Elizabeth)

The terms guidance and counseling have often been seen as the same thing and they are used interchangeably. However in Juja, the two terms distinction is well spelt out in two different dockets.

The Deputy Principal who is the Dean of Studies holds the docket of Guidance while the counseling docket is held by the teacher-counselors. In guidance, students are directed, assisted, steered and led to selecting appropriate subjects for their dream careers. This is done through organization of career workshops and attending university expos.

On the side of counseling, all the teachers are basically involved. This is done through many forums:

  • Teacher parents
    This is where a teacher acts like the parent of a number of selected students in school. The teacher takes responsibility of molding the students in his /her family.
  • Coffee session
    Wherein students are divided according to their gender and age. They are then given a topic of social concern to discuss in the presence of a teacher-facilitator to guide the discussion. In the process of sharing, they take coffee and snacks. This goes a long way in helping students to open up.
  • Thursday and Saturday afternoon group counseling.
  • Peer counselors are also trained across the board to help their peers in different classes.
  • SCAD (Students Campaign Against Drugs) is an operational wing of the Counseling Department.