Business Studies

The department runs both KCSE and IGCSE curriculum. It has two well qualified and competent teachers working together as a team with students’ interest at their heart. The teachers have the experience of many years which has enabled them to teach in a way that attracts many students during subject selection.

The Business Studies classes take a problem solving approach to business activities with the aim of developing the students’ awareness of business organizations markets, workers and other parties such as governments, banks and exporters within the framework of the day- to-day operations of business enterprises.

The students are prepared to have a critical understanding of the way businesses are organized internally as well as the local, national and international environments within which they operate.

They are hence prepared to become better decision makers in their capacities as consumers, producers, workers, managers and citizens in the future.

The course is designed to assist students wishing to pursue careers in business, finance, procurement, human resource, accountancy and journalism.

The classes in Business Studies take a lively and interesting approach and are designed to ensure that all students not only understand the concepts taught, but can also apply them in their day-to-day living. This is done through field trips; usually to factories, media houses, the stock exchange market and central bank.

Other than the class core textbooks there are numerous textbooks in the library where students can dig out more information on a given topic.

The subject is successful in the school with consistently very good results at KCSE and IGCSE examinations.

Mr. Victor Omondi ( H.O.D )