Juja senior school Sport’s department is a vibrant department with emphasis on football, basketball, swimming, rugby and indoor games. We encourage students to actively participate in sports for their physical and mental development. We also appreciate the role of sports in inculcating discipline amongst students. We normally hold annual sports events, for instance the swimming gala in February and sport’s day in July. During the these events, we showcase our talents in swimming, athletics and football. We also use the same forums to have invited sports personalities address students on the opportunities and careers in sports.

We appreciate the role of sports in addressing indiscipline and have continued to foster teamwork and sportsmanship among the students. We also have a vibrant staff team that seeks to assist the students in their diverse areas of need. Since 2010, we have participated in Keele International Cup in Manchester, United Kingdom where our students get an opportunity to compete and showcase their talents to the world. During the events, students also get a chance to visit various sports and recreation centres, and learn different cultures.

The school hopes to advance its sports facilities to ensure that all the diverse needs of the students are well taken care of. We feel that Juja Senior School has the capacity to provide all the required co-curricular resources for the development of our young talents.

Mr. Henry Mburu
Sports Master.