Environmental Club

Juja Senior School Environmental Club is a voluntary group comprising of students and teachers (the club’s patrons) and which promotes participation of students in learning about and working towards the conservation and sustainability of their environment. The club aims at creating awareness on the importance of respecting and appreciating our surroundings.

The club believes that engagement and participation of students in environmental conservation and protection will help students to identify and solve environmental problems in their respective localities by providing an opportunity for the practical side of environmental conservation. This is done through tree nursery establishment, tree planting in the school compound, establishment of woodlots and going for excursions in forests to see the different tree species.

The Environmental Clubs also promote creative and critical thinking through inter schools essay writing and creation of environmentally friendly innovations.

Students also get involved by actively participating during environmentally important days like:-

  • World Agro forestry Day on March 21st
  • World Environment Day on June 5th

This enables the students to participate fully in conservation efforts as well as understanding the biodiversity issues.

Cooperating and networking with other environment clubs and communities through exchange visits and inter-school competitions motivate the students and give them new ideas to better their efforts.