Clubs and Movements

The School has a wide selection of co-curricular activities. These include Clubs and Movements. All these are geared towards developing holistic students who can fit into the society with ease.

The activities take place outside the teaching hours following a clearly defined programme.

The Clubs include Science, Computer, Aviation, Journalism, Drama, Students’ Campaign against Drugs (SCAD), Environment, Cookery and Music.

The objectives of these clubs are to:

  • Apply knowledge learned in class to practical tasks.
  • Encourage critical thinking.
  • Stimulate interest in various careers at an early stage.
  • Demystify the fear of certain subjects especially sciences.
  • Assist students to have fun and socialize as they work together.
  • Develop leadership skills among students.

The movements include the Model United Nations (MUN) Programme, Scouting, St. John’s Ambulance, Presidential Award Scheme, Christian Union, Young Christian Society (YCS) and the Young Muslim Group.

The objectives of these movements are to:

  • Develop holistic students.
  • Help students fit into the society.
  • Help students develop an objective approach to problem solving.
  • Make students aware of societal problems and know ways of solving them.
  • Help students develop positive life skills and ethical values that would build a better society.