The school has various academic facilities which are utilized for the maximum benefit of the students.

The science department has well equipped laboratories which are used for Biology, Chemistry and Physics practicals. The Biology lab is even stocked with some preserved animals just to bring the reality of fauna to the learners.

The Computer Lab is well furnished with state-of-the art computers to enable students to keep abreast with the ever-changing technology.

Aviation students have a workshop as well as a plane at their disposal. This gives them a hands-on approach to flight technology.

There is also a well equipped French Room where resources to aid the learning of the foreign language are found. There, the students are able to watch French films, listen to French music and have debates in French.

The Music Room is a valuable resource to music students. They are able to learn and practice guitar, drums, piano and violin among other instruments. Inside it are soundproof compartments which provide a studio ambience whenever its required.