Welcome to the infirmary. Here for your health and safety.School children are a generally healthy population. In the event of ill health, the nurse will be right there.  Moreover, the nearest hospital is just three minutes drive away.  Nevertheless, parents are encouraged to discuss any known healthy issues/ concerns about their children with the school nurse.


The school provides a group personal accident cover for all students. However, you may provide detail of your child’s other medical cover at the infirmary.


We adhere to children’s rights and child protection protocols. All measures are in place to ensure safety in school. In classrooms, science labs, swimming pool, sports centers, name it. Safety is fundamental, comes first.

*you can view Helen’s published studies by simply typing her name on the internet, or visiting the university of Texas medical branch website, or CROI (conference on retroviruses and opportunistic infections). Direct access will be provided on request.