Games Department

With the presence of superb sports facilities, Juja Preparatory School strives to bring up a holistic child. Games and Sports is one of the way that makes our pupils all rounded. The games involved in at Juja Preparatory include soccer, swimming, netball, badminton and aerobics. As a school we emphasize the importance of games and sports because it enhances proper growth and development of the body, ensure positive use of leisure time and recreational activities. Games also improve self esteem and image of our students.

The department has the following staff members;

  1. Mr. Oliver Mang’eli –          Head of Sports
  2. Mr. Stephen Odhiambo -  Badminton
  3. Mrs. Irene Kerubo -           Swimming
  4. Mr. Pius Okello –               Swimming
  5. Miss Linet Atieno -            Netball

We have participated in various national and international tournaments such Keele International Cup in Manchester, United Kingdom where our students get an opportunity to compete and showcase their talents to the world. During the events, students also get a chance to visit various sports and recreation centres, and learn different cultures.

The school hopes to advance its sports facilities and equipment hence introduction of indoor games such as scrabble and chess. This will ensure that all the diverse needs of the students are well taken care of. We feel that Juja Preparatory School has the capacity to provide all the required co-curricular resources for the development of our young talents.

Oliver Mang’eli