Counseling Department

Life is a process. just as a seed germinates and grows to a mature plant so does our life. On the way we are chocked by the thorns of life and we also experience summers and winters of our life. The lives of the children in Juja are not different from the experience, thus this department nurtures the social, emotional and spiritual life of the children and staff.
We give a warm welcome to the new pupils and those that have issues in their lives as well as a warm shoulder to lean on.


The Social Studies department
This is a crucial faculty in the school; it seeks to develop the pupil’s social, emotional, academic and intellectual abilities. The above goals and objectives are achieved through rich instructional and informative programmes organized by the schools administration, courtesy of the department. These include educational trips such as the Western cum Great Rift Valley trip, the Maasai Mara and the Lake Nakuru tour. The visits to law courts and the National Assembly have also enhanced the acquisition of relevant skills and knowledge in pupils. The department has a highly quali!ed personnel with proven track record, whose delivery has realised gradual but consistent growth over the recent years. Their self- motivation has also enabled induction of holistic development in pupils.