KCPE Curriculum

Juja preparatory school offers Kenyan  8.4.4 system of education. The subjects undertaken are: English, Social Studies , Science, Maths, Christian Religious  Studies, French, Computer and Life Skills. Each subject has general and specific objectives that have been clarified and the content spelt out specifically to give guidance to the teachers. The teachers use an improved syllabus existing in the school library and with each subject teacher in each subject area, the resources required for the implementation of the curriculum have been suggested. The teachers either obtain the resources  from Kenya Institute of Education or improvise using locally available material.

Teaching/learning experience and assessment methods are outlined every beginning of the term in form of schemes of work and course outlines .Three major evaluation tests are administered in a term, with exams sourced from within or outside the school. Pupils receive outcome records of their performance in each subject area through a written report book signed by the class teacher and the school principal. Parents regularly discuss these outcomes in both class meetings and organized consultation forums.

In order to be line with changing needs of the society, our curriculum has incorporated vital emerging issues like industrial transformation of the country , environmental education; health issues like drug abuse and HIV AND AIDS pandemic; gender issues human rights, child rights, moral values and social responsibility .

In our learning areas, we have integrated Music and Art into a study area called creative arts, which has incorporated aspects of drama and craft.

The life skills syllabus has adopted a thematic approach to teaching various social and moral skills. These themes are derived from things and situations that learners are likely to interact with in everyday life.

The curriculum we offer is conducive to all ethnic groups, races and religion irrespective of diverse differences. They are able to live and interact with environment and utilize the opportunity for the fullest development of individual talents and personality.