The Clubs and Societies in Juja Preparatory are:

  • Journalism – Jupress
  • Wildlife
  • Scouting

The members are engaged in various activities that help identify and nurture their talents. These clubs and societies have achieved much in the recent years. In 2012, members took part in a number of initiatives: The Generation Three (G3)-programme run by NTV; Squirrel Tree conservation of the environment through planting trees on our annual tree planting day. JUPRESS Club keeps the school informed on the current affairs with its regular news bulletin on Mondays and Fridays.


The movement has tremendously grown to a large membership between the ages of six and thirteen years. The Scouts are grouped according to age e.g Sungura (6-14 yrs), Chipukizi (10-13 yrs), Mwamba (14-18 yrs), Jasiri (19-30 yrs).

Scouts are expected to be alert and disciplined among other moral standards of living. For one to be a member, they have to register with the patron early in the year at a small fee which will earn them a scout’s ID card. This card is renewable each year at the same cost.

Each year, scouts worldwide commemorate the Founder’s Day in February. This marks the birth of Lord Baden Powell who founded the movement. In line with this, our scouts join other scouts worldwide in celebrating the same through trips to various destinations.

Due to such events, our scouts are rated highly in discipline as well as being the most exposed, learned and widely travelled. Have you ever seen us matching along? You will certainly enjoy the spectacle!

Scouts Motto: Be prepared.

Scouts Promise:

On my honour, I promise that

I will do my best

To do my duty

To God and to my country

To help other people at all times

And to obey the scout laws

Scouts Patron