Events outside the Classroom

The Kindergarten prides in having a painting station outside the classrooms. Pupils enjoy painting activities that help to build their creativity.


Training future farmers for food security. This helps the pupils to learn how to care for plants and appreciate the types of food they eat.

Play Park

Physical enjoyment and body building. Different activities at the play park help the learners to build their large motor muscles as they enjoy themselves.

Resource Centre.

We opened our Resource Centre to widen-up learning experiences through E-learning and E-reading. We shall keep advancing it and ensuring we are up-to-date with the current materials for Kindergarten level.

Music Classes.

We are introducing Music lessons starting next term through the Music Department. This will involve piano, violin, drum and voice lessons. Those interested could enroll classes at a cost of Kshs. 15,000/= per term.

Young Aviators Club.

Plans are underway to introduce the children to Aviation experiences through the Young Aviators Club. If a child is registered as a member, he/she get to enjoy accrued benefits associated with the clubs. Those interested in piloting and other Aeronautical careers will start learning more at an early age. Kindly contact the principal for more information.


The movement has grown and the scouts enjoy carrying out activities aligned to the movement. This also prepares them to be responsible persons in future. Kindly purchase the uniform for your child if a member.