The Clubs and Societies in Juja Preparatory are:

  • Journalism – Jupress
  • Wildlife
  • Environmental

The members are engaged in various activities that help identify and nurture their talents. These clubs and societies have achieved much in the recent years. In 2012, members took part in a number of initiatives: The Generation Three (G3)-programme run by NTV; Squirrel Tree conservation of the environment through planting trees on our annual tree planting day. JUPRESS Club keeps the school informed on the current affairs with its regular news bulletin on Mondays and Fridays.

Scouts are expected to be alert and disciplined among other moral standards of living. Our scouts have been rated highly in terms of being the most exposed, widely travelled and learned. Have you ever watched us match along? Don’t miss this opportunity. The Young scouts section of the Movement consists of boys and girls aged between four and six years old It was recently formed by the Kenya Scouts Association to incorporate the young ones into the movement at this early age. The members are further trained on relationships with God, people and self. Social interaction and tolerance is imparted through various activities. The motto ‘Be prepared’ teaches them the importance of alertness and critical thinking at each moment in life and in different circumstances. The promise reminds them of their duty to God, self and other people around them. All these activities help in holistic development of the young scout into an alert and fruitful citizen of the future. The activities merge well with the Kenya Institute of Education’s Early Childhood Development and Education.

In collaboration with trainers from the Kenya Scouts Association, we are committed to moulding future patriotic citizens in the young generation in our hands.